Fieldwork Headliner NA IPA (Single)


Our foray into making non-alcoholic beer has been half a decade in the making; brought forth by the constant feeling of being underwhelmed by craft NA beers, we had to bide our time until our abilities and NA beer technology could coalesce into finally making a non-alcoholic hoppy beer that we consider to be on par with your everyday IPA. Headliner exemplifies just why taking our time was the right choice; it's not watered down and anemic, it's not oxidized and tasting like cooked hops, it's just a classic Westcoast IPA with a balanced bitterness and a lightning bolt of hop aroma striking the palate with exciting notes of white grapefruit wedges, passion fruit, white wine grapes, papaya, blueberry skins, and pine needles. [hops: Mosaic, Simcoe, Idaho7 / Contains less than 0.5% ABV]