Leilo - Kava Sleep Shot (Single)

  • Be one of many who enjoy our Kava Sleep Shot to fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night!
  • Fast Acting Sleep Support - Life moves fast, and our kava shot does too. For many, the sleep shot begins working immediately, helping you fall asleep in no time. Just grab a shot and say goodnight.
  • High-Quality & Advanced Formulation - Our shot has Kava for relaxation, Melatonin for natural sleep support, and Magnesium + Vitamin B6 to regulate your sleep cycle.
  • Kava root, which is found in the South Pacific, is traditionally known to naturally promote rest and relaxation. Islanders have used kava for thousands of years, and Leilo brings the powerful effects of Kava straight from the islands to your home, preparing you for what many say is the best sleep they can remember.
  • Great Taste - Our Berry flavored shot is delicious and the perfect blend to end your day!